Premium Frozen Margarita Mixes & Frozen Daiquiri Mixes

(Made with Real Fruit!)

  • Frozen Margarita Mix (Traditional Lime)
  • Strawberry Margarita Mix | Frozen Daiquiri Mix
  • Piña Colada Mix
  • Mango Margarita Mix | Mango Daiquiri Mix
  • Raspberry Margarita Mix | Raspberry Daiquiri Mix
  • Blue Hawaii Mix

Price: $60.00/case (6: 1/2 gallon bottles per case)

One case yields 216 8 oz. drinks

Mix & Match Your Favorite Flavors @ No Extra Charge!

General Instructions

  • Frozen Margarita Mixes & Frozen Daiquiri Mixes (Ratio 3-1)
  • Each case contains six (6) ½ gallons or (64oz.) or (1.89L) bottles of premium concentrate mix.
  • One (1) 6½ gallon case yields (384oz.) or 216 (8 oz.) drinks.
  • Instructions are printed on the label of each box of mix and each bottle of mix for easy use and understanding.
  • These concentrates have a (1) year shelf life (unopened) when stored in a cool and dry place; no refrigeration needed.
  • These premium concentrate mixes can be used in frozen drink machines, blenders, snow cone toppings, or on the rocks.

Blender Instructions

  • Blender Prepared Cocktails – In a blender mix (2 oz). mix, 1 oz. water, (8 oz.) ice, (1 oz.) of alcohol and simply blend. Then serve in a (12 oz.) glass.
  • These are high quality, delicious, fruit-based liquid concentrate mixes that can be used safely in any type of frozen beverage dispenser or can also be used in any blender.
  • We supply these products to schools, convenience stores, liquor stores, bars, restaurants as well as individuals NATIONWIDE!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!